Friday, July 6, 2012

cardboard towers

So weve hit another wet patch in Port... last day of week 1 of the school holidays, they are already going way too fast for me.

I had 6 little people at my place today, my own three cherubs and three little triplet beauties I care for two days a week. With it being extremely wet here the last few days it made outdoor play a bit soggy so I found us some cardboard, a Pinterest  idea, and we were set :) Can you tell Im in love with Pinterest??

With 4 little 3 yr old helpers, we began to construct a tower for the many princesses that needed to be housed. It didnt need to be fancy, or painted, or even well made, it just had to be made and made FAST. The pattern we used wasnt exactly what we ended up with but I was so impressed at how well it worked! Jumeirah had the idea to use the toilet rolls that mate and create in our house for real towers that the princesses could be trapped in and they were off in their own beautiful little world.

And considering it wasnt as big as I would have liked, 4 little girls happily played here for ages this arvo, with only occasional ideas fed to them from a 7 yr old who loved being the chief entertainer :)

Cardboard needs to be fairly firm, we used an box that daddys new speakers came in, but you could go ask your local fruit shop for a box or even something like Harvey Norman, Ikea , or any other furniture shop, Im sure they would have boxes they needed to get rid of!

This little structure will no doubt last a little while too :)

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  1. So cute. I saw an article in Family Fun magazine here in the states making something similar. I am always afraid it will not hold up to my wild kids. Little Lady is still in a knocking down, ripping, and tearing apart stage of a toddler. I can just see Cole with smoke coming out of his ears. I think we may just hold off a tad longer to try it in our home. ;)