Thursday, June 28, 2012

busyness in the stillness... secret underworld stuff

It feels like its been ages since I was out in the garden... and all this week its rained so its put even more of a stop to us being able to go out there. But earlier this week we had a brief moment of dry weather and I was hanging the washing out when Jared alerted me to the sorry state our veggie/ gerbra patch is in... Whoops.

Ive done nothing in it, not trimmed, not even really glanced in the direction and its become an overgrown ridiculous mess. Its been " when the weekend comes," or " next sunny day" or " in the holidays!"... but I knew it probably wasnt going to be a priority for awhile.... until I needed soil!

On the weekend I had some lovely friends get baptised and I wanted to give them a gift of some new baby argave plants. I had a pot and the plants... then realised I had no soil. Not really wanting to go ALL the way to bunnings for a small amount of soil, I figured I would dig some out of my own garden :)
Fearing the worst, I grabbed my two little helpers to find out whether the soil was going to be useable, its been so neglected I wasnt sure what it would be like.... OH.MY.GOSH. What a world be discovered :)

(seriously check out this worm! its unedited, its TOTALLY pink and purple and with an irridescent streak... I was totally in awe of the colours! and just a little but grossed out too... they are still worms after all)

Witchetty grubs. Irridescent green worms. Busy ants. All working so hard to keep my soil well churned, moist and beautiful.

Jared was in absolute awe. Amahli ( once she got over her disgust and I managed to hide it from my face) was totally captivated at how BUSY everything was, and it was all happening without any disturbance to the top of the soil. So we watched this busy world, in the stillness of our garden.

Unfortunately my photos turned out crap today but you get the idea ;)

As gross as turning that first bit of soil was and everything starting moving, this was a really great experience to see just what goes on beneath the ground. I would totally challenge you to get down low and turn some soil/sand/mud whatever! yourselves and see what you can find :)

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  1. We are constantly searching for worms, to put in our compost bin. My kids love them. They love to help weed the garden and see what we can find. It is usually spiders, worms, and little ants.