Wednesday, July 18, 2012

beautiful matching game for Littler people

I have a friends whos little person was about to embark on a fun holiday to Bali ( ... yes I know, little little person!!) I wanted to send this little friend away with something fun she could do on the plane. I had found some matching card games that I thought would keep her amused but also wanted something that wasnt hard to pack and soft enough for littler hands....

I found a version that I loved on Pinterest ( yes again, dont judge ;) )  and got sorted with felt and fabric.
It was fairly easy to make but a bit time consuming.
I made mine a whole stack less time consuming by only making 6 pairs instead of the 20 odd they created ( Im not that stupid!).

Such a cute result!!

We also revisited a craft we've done before, but this time is was REQUESTED by Jared (!!)

I think because we had heaps of container lids in the dishwashed and he didnt want to put them away. But whatever, I dont care :) He asked to craft :)

Simple and easy
to set up, a use strong kids glue that I added food colouring to, plus an odds and ends of beads, buttons, matchsticks I can find around the house.... its that quick.

I like that you can totally see my kids personality in this craft.

Jared: Ill put it wherever and call it awesome! It doesnt have to have any rhyme or reason, I barely even have to look down to do it!

Amahli: Now, if I put that there and this here will that work over that way? Or not? Or should I make sure the colours are aligned so the world doesnt spin off its axis with the uneveness??

Funny funny people :)

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