Thursday, July 26, 2012

resturants-pretend play

Sickness has AGAIN hit our house... hubbin has a particularly nast case of Chicken Pox. I know, I laughed the first time too... but reality is, its really not funny. Hes really sick and now off work for least a week. So! Im trying to find some things for my cherubs to do so they dont drive him and me crazy ;)

And of course, this afternoon, it rains, AGAIN. So an outdoor, but undercover space was needed.

In our household, pretend play is still the most fun thing to do. Whether it be dress ups, doctors, cats (?) its a game that needs not alot of props but lasts for hours.
The request was for a resturant, so I gave them the play food, a shelf and some simple home corner things ( bowls, plates etc) and left them to it :)

Jumeirah found a foam piece of rubbish in the garage and decided to create an icecream stand. Jared was more content to take orders, Amahli was not content to pretend to take orders so she hunted down some paper and a stapler and I made her a pad to write her orders on which became a HUGE hit with all three of them :)

I pretty much let them take things from the kitchen ( within reason, I did draw the line at the carving knife Amahli tried to nick) to use in play and they had a ball.

Set ups like this dont need to be elaborate. You can simply use items from the pantry to set up a shop, and things from the drawers and cupboards to make a kitchen. As yet, Ive never had any of my kids abuse this freedom, but you will need to set some simple rules ( or dont let them take a packet of flour ;) )

Having this chance to play allows for lots of learning experiences..... turn taking, sharing, working together, and role playing are all experiences that can really encourage kids in their development.

And most of all, even if they are having a ball without you, get involved sometimes! As soon as I sat down I had three people take my orders ( one for drinks, one for dinner and one for dessert and music selection... thanks Jumeirah xx) and all got busy trying to impress me.

Go on, sneak a set up for them to discover in the morning :) Kids from really young to surprisingly older ( about 12 months - 8yrs +)
And if your kids are older, why not wait till the weekend and then set up a REAL resturant for them. They can work out a menu, prepare a simple meal and serve it up!!


  1. Love this. When I read this I totally thought of a post on a blog I read that you should do with the kids. Not only could the kids make the ice cream, then they could play with it. You wouldn't have to do a sensory box with it like she did, but just the ice cream and cones. Seems totally like something you would do.

    SO sorry to hear about the hubby. An adult to get chicken pox is a very big ordeal. I will be praying for you guys (especially you).

  2. oh cool!! i love pink and green mama :) will check it out!

    thanks for the prayers.. rope is getting shorter but Im praying for it to lengthen for just another week to get through :) xx