Monday, July 23, 2012

small discoveries/gardening

It continues to rain here, on and off, ALL. THE.DAY. LONG. And night too, especially  if you've hung washing out the day ( or week) before....

But for a moment late last week, the rain stopped and we sped outside before it was over. Kids ran straight to the still dripping wet trampoline, I headed to attempt to hang a load of washing out beside the three loads still " drying" from previous week.

I turned around to find some pegs ( often my pegs play games when not in use, particularly " hoist yourself as far as you can from the clothesline" seems to be the favourite) and came the the scary realisation that my veggie/flower boxes that I so lovingly forgot about where now at a point where they were planning backyard takeover... the one we worked on a week or so ago and found such awesome creepy crawlies in was looking ok but very bare compared to the chaos that was going on beside it.
So armed with a trowel  thing and a keen sense of " Seek, rip out and destroy" I got to work pulling out the riduculous amount of weeds.
Jared is still thoroughly enjoying the fine art of grub hunting and squeals at ever new witchety grub he finds...

Aside from the fear of finding a big scary spider, its very relaxing to be so destructive to weeds.
Amahli and Jared came and helped from time to time, offering words of encouragement and squealing at the mess I was making... until I heard a scream from Jared " Stop! MUM! LOOK!".

And there, in the midst of complete ruin and destruction, we found not only a gerbera plant, still going strong two years after being planted, but also a tulip bulb, planted almost 12 months ago, bloomed for a season and then was promptly forgotten. I was amazed that this little plant I was told to take great care of by the garden centre man, has managed to survive and thrive without any help from me.

It got me thinking about all the things Ive "planted" ( ideas, dreams, goals) and then worked so hard to get them to grow.. so do grow and are fruitful, but most others die off, and yet some others, that we think are no good anymore and arent worth putting time and effort into, continue to grow, still surviving when we think they were finished ( oh deep!).
Carefully, oh so carefully, we pulled to junk from around the base of this little blooming bulb, carefully pushed the soil back into place, and marvelled at how its still managed to grow, even though it was buried so deep in the soil, with no care but from the sun and rain, and will hopefully still produce a beautiful flower.

And so we kept working out little patch... only to find 4 more sprouting bulbs!!! So all but one of the original 6 bulbs are still going strong and I was totally surprised and excited to once again tend them lovingly in the hope they will all give me some beautiful creations to photograph ;)

So those little seeds you once planted but never got much out of? They could still bring delight and grow... just around the corner ;)

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