Tuesday, July 10, 2012

another cool craft with Hama beads

The request from yesterday afternoon was something for Jumeirah... something crafty.. something fun ( yet again with the fun thing... seriously, housecleaning can be a ball of fun!)

Ive had some ideas bookmarked, most of them you can find ALL over the net, this one had 5, 770,000 different versions on google ( go see for yourself!) and I have no idea where I first found it... I pinned one version of it on Pinterest...

We have copious amounts of Hama beads in our house, Jumeirah is forever making things for people from them, then putting them "somewhere special" so I can iron them only for me to find them in teh washing machine or somewhere equally as helpful about a week later... so when we found this cool hama bead bowl craft, I knew it would use up heaps of beads thus reducing the ability to make so many creations! Clever, am I not??

To make these gorgoues little bowls, spray cooking oil inside a oven proof dish, and then put a handful of hama beads in it. You need to carefully press the hama beads down, and they begin to creep up the sides of the sprayed bowl. Both girls were able to do this pretty well ( two girls + two bowls= TWICE as many hama beads are used!)

carefully place the beaded bowls into an oven, heated to about 180 degrees. Then you have to stand and watch it. Cos it melts REALLY fast. I kinda walked away only briefly and came back to find some beads had completely melted and were now liquid goo in the bottom, so we quickly got them out and they were rescueable :)

how pretty do they look!!!