Wednesday, August 1, 2012

foxy masks and a dose of the dreaded mumma guilt

Last week, I had another of "those days". Even super mums get them ;)

( HA! sometimes Im so far from a Super Mum its ridiculous)

From morning till night, all Amahli wanted was a fox face in face paint. And all day I told her "soon". She didnt really hound me too much, just reminded me kindly ( if not a little constantly) that I said I would do it....
So the day flew on. School run. Preschool run. Home. Two loads of washing. Out on the line. Take off last weeks load from the line ( yikes, please tell me Im not the only one). Amahli lunch. Clean up. Vacuum. Preschool run. School run. Home. Afternoonteahomeworkdinnercleanupbathteethstorybed.

"Mum, how about now for my face paint?" and its 7.30pm and bed time. I felt terrible.
One little dissapointed, unfoxy face. I that mumma guilt hits my like a tonne of bricks.

I dont have long before this little cherub will go off to preschool, and then school. I have Jared in school next year. And all I really want to do is BE with them. More thoroughly, completely. But life sometimes gets in the way, things still need to be done, cleaning and house stuff doesnt do itself ( *sigh* how I wish it would).

And although I try not to let it get me down, today it did.

But, instead of letting it drag me down for a night of sleeplessness and stupid thoughts, I decided to make amends to my little foxy girl.

I made masks :)

I had felt and an idea and so  pulled out the dying sewing machine and hoped that it would last justa bit longer.

I couldnt find a pattern I liked so I found a picture I thought I could work with and created my own little pattern.

I made two very cute little masks, knowing that my big foxy girl would also LOVE this creation. My kids are big on pretend play and I knew these would be well played with.

They didnt take long, but I poured my heart into making them and they were ready to leave out for my girls to find in the morning.

I heard the squeal before I saw their beautiful little faces.

We all have moments of feeling like we dont do enough for our kids. Its hard to get it right all the time, and its hard not to dwell on what we do wrong instead of what we do right. And often, as mums, we are so much harder on ourselves than what anyone else would be.

Time to dust ourselves off, stop stabbing ourselves for the moments we could/shoulda done better, and just keep going :)