Monday, January 30, 2012

Blob monsters

We've done it a hundred times.... Jared never gets tired of it... Blob painting. I gives him such a delighted thrill to watch his blobs of paint turn into butterflies that when he asked to do it AGAIN, I couldnt say no. I tweaked it slightly which made it even more fun.

Instead of butterflies, I told him we were going to create blob monsters. Using black and white paint, and coloured paper, it was basically the same principle ( one spoon per colour of paint, try not to blob it too close the the edges or it comes out and goes everywhere) but hopefully using different colours we would see something different.

And away we went!
Very quickly the kitchen was covered in creations.

Everytime someone opened their painting up, the rest of us stopped to work out what sort of monster it was... was it scary? does it have sharp teeth? Big eyes?? A big nose?

SO much fun :)

After they had done about 15 each ( I kid you not) they encouraged me to do one.
I blobbed like I was told to, folded over, smooshed it around, and opened to reveal.........

A freakin tiger!! It was yelled by 4 excited people all at once. No mistaking, mummy had created a TIGER :)

Looks like Im hooked too :)

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  1. That is sooo cool! It does look exactly like a tiger.