Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Photo photos photos

Today, my amazing sonshine turns 5. Again, I have no idea how they grow so fast, its just ridiculous. I swear I only had him not long ago and now hes 5!!
To celebrate, I wanted to take some photos of him and his lovely sisters.

Now, I take photos of other peoples kids. And mostly, they turn out beautifully. But stick a camera in front of my kids?? It quickly becomes a three ringed circus.

This is 8 from 35 photos I took today of the clowns I love so much. The whole process took less that 4 minutes. 

Often, (so very very often) its Amahli whos the worst. She has no concept of " look at me!" and says " I am! Cant you see me?" when looking straight up at tree. Seriously, this little monkey is the hardest thing Ive ever had to work with.

So I do what I do a lot of when I shoot my kids. I SNAP. ALOT. As in, I snap alot of photos :) Normally, in a shoot with them, I have about 5 shots to get one good one.

But in doing this, you capture the moments in between. The tiny glimpse of love between them. A snort that sets them off again. The glint of mischief. I love these moments....

So when taking photos of your kids, take LOTS. And then take more. They'll get sick of you. But they will look back at those photos and laugh at how many there was, but also the ones they love will be the moments in between :)

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  1. The last one of all three is simply fantastic!! I hope you are printing that up and enlarging it. The last one of Amahli and Jared is super cute, too.
    How is Amahli adjusting to no brother or sister to play with?