Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Letters to JJ

The tiny toes I showed you last week belong to a precious new nephew of mine, Jack. He was born last week and has some very cute cousins who are simply besotted with him.
Before he was born, I helped to organise a baby shower for my sister in law. Something simple with some lovely friends and some fun games.

We had a great afternoon spoiling this first time mum to be.
One of the activities I had set up for the guests to do was something I called " Letters for you".
I placed an empty jar on the main table and beside it laid some pens and blue paper ( we knew he was going to be a boy). Each guest was asked at the start of the party to think about something they would like to write to the baby, to be placed in the jar until he was born, and then read with mummy once they were happily settled at home.

( I havent been able to post about it until now as it was going to be a surprise :))

The guests got busy and soon the jar had some lovely looking letters ready to be given to mum-to-be.
When I got home I asked my three if they wanted to do something too. We had taken to calling the baby "JJ" ( Jared Junior in the extended form, and no I didnt name him, Jared did)

Each of my gorgeous littles created a special letter for this baby they had never met, but already loved.

I folded them all up and added them to the jar.

I hope he enjoys reading these letters of love, all written before we even knew him :)

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  1. That is so wonderful. I bet mom will enjoy reading them, too. I really like this idea.