Thursday, January 12, 2012

rock candy and patience

Anyone who knows me knows I lack patience. And thats putting it mildly. I love to know, I love to know NOW. If its going to happen, it needs to happen TODAY, or even yesterday would be preferable.

So when Jumeirah told me she would love to make Rock Candy but it does take a week and we "have to leave it ALONE!" I wasnt sure I was going to be able to do that.
To make rock candy we needed a jar, food coluring a heck of a lot of sugar. I followed the recipe ( Im not giving you the one we used, it didnt work. That could be my fault)

We made it to the exact recipe and got the jars ready, At first, we used bamboo sticks rolled in sugar.

On Day 2 when nothing had happened ( see I told ya it could have been my fault), I changed it all over to use pipe cleaner sticks, cos that apparently works better. Most sites tell you you should see something happen by now.

 Unfortunately by Day 4 still nothing had happened, so my sweetest 7 yr old told me not to worry, we would try again.... So it hasnt worked so far but we are determined!! Anyone actually done this and had it work??
The other thing Ive had to wait hard for actually did happen this week ( and thus the reason for lack of blog the last few days). My sister in law had her first baby :)

He took his sweet time, was induced last Tuesday and finally arrived in the very early hours of Sunday morning. But within 3 hours, I had 155 phoos of him :)

I cant show you much as yet ( until I get permission to) but here are some sweet baby toes that were so worth waiting for :)

What are you waiting for??


  1. I saw that experiment on Pinterest and thought it looked fun, sometimes the process is still good even if you don't get candy. Love those toes.

  2. Congratulations on the new nephew!
    Oh my goodness, you and I are waaaaaaaay too much alike.