Thursday, January 26, 2012

copy me castles

Its raining. Its been raining for almost a whole week, I kid you not. This is the craziest,wettest, non-summer summer I think Ive ever had.
The school holidays are almost at an end and life as I knew it is about to change, AGAIN ( why does it keep doing that??). Jared will go to preschool this year, in preparation for school next year, oh heaven help me. So Im holding on to every moment of these holidays as its about to get really busy!

We did an activity earlier this week which was fun and also pretty productive. Now all of you out there that are against things like in sheets and stencils and things that "stiffle creativity", turn away now.
This craft was all about following instructions, and working to plans.
I really enjoyed it :)
I gave all three kids a piece of paper and told them we were going to draw a castle. Jared immediate response was " I cant draw a castle" but I told him he could and I would help him.

I started with " draw me a long rectangle" and Jumeirah and Jared did that.  Amahli was not to be brought into doing this today ( "give me land lots of land in the country that I love.... Dont fence me in...") and did her own interpretation of a castle.

I then instructed the other two to draw another thinner rectangle on either side of the first one. Jumeirah used her own mind to work out what was desired, Jared copied mine a little bit.
We then drew two small rectangles, with two small triangles on top of the big rectangle.

Last we added flags.

I was totally surprised that Jared was absolutely able to do this task, pretty much exactly how I planned it. he was so incredibly proud of himself for creating a castle that we decided to paint them.

I told them to paint it however they liked.

Jumeirahs was a castle at night, Jared just made his colourful. He also added windows and a door to make it look like a real castle.

So would say it was too product focussed, but sometimes its ok to do it. He got such a buzz out of it I would definitely do it again.


  1. Very neat. I love how you got them to do things step by step to conquer something they thought they couldn't do.

  2. I know :) I thought it was cool too :)