Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rice paper rolls

Today marked the first "official" school holiday day with daddy back at work :) Of course that meant that every craft thing Jumeirah was given for Christmas she wanted to do today, but I managed to hide a few things so it will last the four weeks she still has left!

One thing I wanted to do with them today was to make rice paper rolls, or Viatnamese Spring rolls. I made these a million years ago with a preschool group and have always wanted to do it with my kids.
So with all the things ready to go, we began.

I got Jumeirah to thinly slice all the beans, carrots and snow peas whilst Amahli helped with getting the rice paper ready and the glass noodles.

Once everything was cut up, it was simply a matter of placing a sheet of rice paper in the warm water for 30 seconds and then loading them up!

Jumeirah really got the hang of making these but I wasnt sure if she would be keen to eat it.

Amahli was keen to help, Jared was more keen to play cars ( what is it with this boy??) but happily tried it.
Jumeirah absolutely loved them and ate about 5. I had included ham as well so it became lunch. Amahli was ok with them but them did tend to fall apart but she was happy to still eat them.

I will thrilled to find something new that could be added to a lunch box or to be taken to the beach and it was also something they could pretty much do themselves :)

Healthy, easy and well recieved. Gotta be happy with that :)

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  1. Ah, too healthy. Throw those things in some oil and fry them up. Just kidding. They look quite delicious. I am glad the kiddos have a new healthy treat to eat.