Friday, January 20, 2012

fire flies

My kids are OBSESSED with Glo Sticks. We've had glow baths, dark parties ( Im never invited cos the dark freaks me out) and glo wars ( also not invited, it involves whacking each other in the head with them).

I found something on Pinterest last week that showed someone painting with the liquid inside and with a bit more searching ( pinterest is like that) I found something I KNEW they would love....

I cut off the top of three glo sticks and flicked the liquid inside three glass jars. They were involved in a foxy party ( again, I have no idea, Im really not included!) and I told them to quickly get ready, I had something to show them :)

And hiding behind my back was..........


Now, Ive never seen a real firefly, we dont have them in Port Macquarie ( are they even in Australia?)

but the gasps and delight that came from these beautiful kids was so funny I struggled to keep a straight face.
Jumeirah eyes got even wider when she saw this photo...... I tried to get her to hold it but she moved but its given the effect of tiny things flying inside. ( yeah I totally meant to do that)

 I told them I had found them in the garden, and that we had to be careful with them. We sat in the dark whilst Jumeirah chatted to them and made up stories about them. They glowed well for about an hour and then started to fade. I had a wonderful time, working with my lovely camera and trying to capture this cute little project :)

Its something I plan to do again..... I love creating wonder and magic whilst they still will believe in it :)

Anybody got real fireflies???

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  1. That is really cool!
    We have real fireflies. In the summer our yard fills up with them. Even when we come inside, you can just sit in the living room and watch the light show through the windows. It is fun to watch them "talk" to each other. This summer I will video some for you.