Friday, January 6, 2012

rainbow biscuits

Yesterday, Jumeirah had a friend over for a play. They both wanted to cook something and Jumeirah had been looking through my blog for ideas ( !) ( I have to laugh at that... like my blog is the greatest for all things cooking! HA!) and found the rainbow biscuits we did sometime last year.
Recipe can be found here

They both really wanted to make them and so we did.

They measured out all the ingredients, mixed, stirred, combined and worked together to form the dough, which for some reason was no where near as sticky as last time and looked a lot nicer too!
They added the food colouring and combined it well and then set to task of outdoing each other in their creations ( as only 7yr old girls can do :) )

We had snails, flowers, rainbows, swirls and love hearts. I baked them for about 15 minutes and they were ready :)

Tasting just delicious, these little delights dissapeared in a matter of minutes. I told Jumeirah we might make some more next week and deliver them around the neighbourhood.

SO easy and fun :)

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