Wednesday, November 2, 2011

paper dipping...again

Ummm WHAT!?! How did it get to November?? And how the heck did I miss my bloggy birthday almost two months ago!! :( happy birthday, blog. :)
Yesterday, as I was quietly contemplating the day, Jared came and almost literally knocked me off my chair. He wanted to do dipping painting and he wanted to do it now! ( he came barrelling around the corner which is why I fell off my chair figuratively but also literally).
So I jumped to action and got out some absorbent paper and food colouring. Now we have done this craft ALOT but I was keen to do it again considering he was so keen.
He knew exactly what to do and we soon had a table full of amazing colours, shapes and designs.
Take a piece of absorbent paper, fold it into quarters.

Carefull, dip each corner in ink or food colouring. Dip it quickly or the whole square will soak up too much colour.

Once dipped, turn the square around and watch the colour run..
Then carefully open it ( making sure you dont rip it!)
And....TA DA!!
We even had painty fingers!! And he didnt care!!!!!

The addictive thing about this craft is that you never know quite how your pattern will turn out.
He totally loves doing this. I think its the surprise element at the end. By the time he had finished, we had nearly 40 pieces of gorgeous absorbent paper... now trying to work out what to do with it! I think I will try and turn it into a banner... stay tuned :)


  1. That boy is slowly becoming a crafter/artist. I can't believe he didn't mind dyed fingers. That is amazing. Could you make a paper quilt?

  2. oohh how do you make a paper quilt!?? that sounds good!!

  3. I have no idea. I could try to google it. You can sew paper. So maybe sewing the pieces onto butcher paper? Who knows? The pieces just looked like quilt patches, so it got my mind going.