Tuesday, November 22, 2011

As you may ( or may not) have noticed, Im not blogging everyday anymore. Ive changed that for a few reasons... one being that it takes time to do it everyday, time is not something I have alot of anymore with working two little businesses of my own! The other reasons are my gang are not as crafty as Jumeirah was at their age and are happy with a sheet and some cushions to build cubbies.. and writing about that every day will get boring :)
So I hope you dont mind, but it wont be an everyday blog anymore. Id still love to hear from those of you who read this ( the easiest way is to choose the profile "anonymous" at the bottom of the comments section) and let me know that Im still loved ;)

Over the last few days though, I have increased my status as "awesome mum" to "amazingly fantastical mum" with a very simple ( and possibly was a bit stupid) idea that was right up the alley of my little guy.

Over the weekend, Tim went to Sydney, leaving me to my own devices and with the three treasures. I told them on saturday that it was "Yes Day". Yes day is something I heard about ages ago from another blog who allows their kids a day when they cant be said no to. It filled me with a bit of dread over what could come of it but apparently it would all work out well and my kids would have a brilliant day.
So I told them what was happening, and that they had the run of the day. I was told not to use the computer but asked to come outside and sit and watch them perform tricks on the trampoline. Of course, I said Yes :)

The day progressed quite well, we had chip sandwiches for lunch, a play with the hose, and a trip to Lake Cathie ( which I REALLY did not want to do but followed the rules and was completely surprised by how wonderful it was to spend time there), and a last quick play outside ( even after a bath). I was proud that we had had such a lovely day and was given permission to take some photos whilst they played..... which is when it happened.

Jared came up to me, looked at me straight in the eye and said " Can I have a go of your camera Mum?"
Gulp. My very expensive, pretty irreplaceable camera with a brand new lens on the front. Um. No. Heck. I have to.

And so, I did. I explained that it was important to me ( "I know Mum!")  and that it would break if he dropped it, showed him how to hold it, and then let it go.

And to my absolute shock, he came up close and took this photo.

I was surprised that it looks ok, surprised that he seemed to really enjoy being behind the lens, amazed at his careful handling and the way he knew how to how it properly and shut one eye, and humbled by the fact that his little face was glowing knowing he had been allowed to do something I would never have thought to let him do. ( he also has a natural eye for not shooting dead centre!! fluke?? maybe. But just maybe he got that from me )
Time to have more "yes" days :)


  1. That picture is great! You have a budding photographer. I love that you took pictures of him taking pictures. His chubby little hands are adorable on that big lens!! Great job on your YES day. That would be scary for me too...maybe I'll hold off on that for a while :)

  2. I would totally say DO IT amanda :) It was one of those moments that I will never forget all because I had to say yes.
    And of course I had to take a photo :) luckily I had my phone on me :)

  3. That is awesome. I know I said before that Jared would probably be a great photographer. A chance to be creative and expressive without the mess. Maybe some type of camera is in order for Christmas. Cole loves using my old point and shoot. It is officially his camera. He is very proud and protective of it, too.

  4. I have enjoyed reading your blog for a long time. I have always been amazed at the ideas you come up with (even if you have "recycled" them from other blogs ;) ).
    I have also enjoyed hearing about the different events Jumeirah needs costumes for...and the school holiday creations.
    Enjoy your little ones - they are only small for a short time.

  5. Thanks Christine :) NIce to hear from someone new :)

    Some ideas are recycled, some are my own, sometimes I find my own ideas on other blogs... I find sometimes if I dont have the inspiration someone else has. Its kind of a "pay in back" thing :) I feel kinda chuffed when mine gets used and I make sure I always link to those I have gain inspiration from :)

    I am trying to remember that they are only little for a short time! It goes so fast....
    thanks for reading!

  6. Kim: yet again our boys strike similar chords :) they really will have to meet someday :)

  7. Thanks for the reply Karina.

    Please keep posting your amazing photos. I have enjoyed looking at the world "through your eyes".

    You do have wonderful ideas and I know you always give credit where credit is due. From what I can gather most of the sewing stuff is fair dinkum Karina originals :)

    Thanks once again

  8. You're my hero whether you post daily or once a year! I'm amazed at your energy! Envious of your creativity! LOVE the photos! The kiddos! Jared peeking from behind that enormous lense. Amahli's curls. Jumeirah's spunk! Your parents - the easel WOWOW!