Friday, November 4, 2011

bubble awesomeness

This weekend, my littlest sprite turns 3. Yes she actually made it ;)
And to celebrate we are having a little party on the beach for us and a few of her friends. Today, and actually over the past few days, I have been busy planning, preparing and creating masterpieces.... in the form of bubble wands. What more fun could you ask for than giant bubbles on a beach??!! I mean really...
This is the final result after much tweaking, refining, and a heck of a lot of dishwashing liquid.
The wands themselves are really easy, the mixture is not.
But here are some photos from this afternoon to show it totally worked and our beach bubble party is going to ROCK :)

Ill give you the tute next week!
( or you can google giant bubble wands, its everywhere really!)

1 comment:

  1. I see that picture of you in there. :) How wonderful are those gigantic bubbles?! So cool. Did you have to put glycerin in the bubble mixture? It really looks like a ton of fun. Tell that spunky little girl that I said Happy Birthday!!