Monday, November 14, 2011

self portrait

For the next 30 days, Im taking part in a 30 day photography project ( that totally sounds stupid but Im too tired to redo that sentence). It began on Saturday with a self portrait.
This is me. Just me.

I dont like photos of myself, theres too many things I wish I could change. But I kinda like this photo :) At least now my kids will have something to remember me by :)
Want to join our 30 day fun?? Click here to go to the facebook page! Or you can just go there and see the other photos too! And whilst you are clicking all over facebook, why not head over to my other facebook page Karina Baker Photography and give me some love ( or likes) there too!

Go on, take a photo of yourself. Look at it. No, REALLY look at it. Know that the person you see looking back is an awesome piece of marvellousness.... something the world would be lost without. Like it. Love it :)


  1. I love this photo of you.
    The message is completely awesome!!
    We lost power due to wind storms and I have totally been a big slacker. I have my 1st and second day in my camera, but haven't uploaded them yet since we got power on last night.

  2. thanks :)
    I kinda like it which is rare!!

    I have been waiting to see your photos.. hoepfully you'll get a chance soon :)

    xx karina