Thursday, November 10, 2011

flower stacking toy

I think I made mention last week sometime that I have fallen in love.... with a scroll saw. Now, really, I dont need ANOTHER craft to do... I have 4 unfinished quilts, two shoots to edit, The Body Shop, scrapping, as well as whatever else Im halfway through... but I saw this awesome idea off Made By Joel and knew I wanted to have a go :)
So I was lucky enough to find out my father in law owns a scroll saw, and was happy enough to let me have a go. I was instantly hooked by how fun it was turning wood and creating something awesome.

It turned out really well and its a toy she has played with alot since I gave it to her. She talks to herself whilst she stacks, sorts colours, and imagines a real garden.
Now what else can I cut?? :)


  1. How cute!
    Okay, I have an idea for you that involves cutting wood, painting, sewing, and photography. Why don't you make some camera critters? You make a fluffy hair scrunchie (I don't know what you call them down there) and then cut a thin piece of wood (like balsam) into the shape of an animals head. Paint the animals head and then glue it onto the scrunchie. You slip the scrunchie onto your lens. Then the little children you are photographing will look at the camera, and maybe even have a nice genuine smile. lol Have you seen those? People are charging over $20 for one!!!

  2. oh! i have seen those!! what a great idea!! you want one too ;) ??karina

  3. It would cost a fortune to send one here. I think I am just going to make one with a felt head. Since I don't have a scroll saw. :P