Tuesday, November 8, 2011

easy party fun

This weekend I lost my little 2 yr old... and gained a great big 3YR OLD :)
A party was needed to celebrate this little one and so preparations began. The thing Ive found with parties though, is that so often we go to HUGE lengths only to have them not go to plan, or end up costing a fortune. This party I was all about easy cheap fun that would entertain whatever age of child I had come to her party ( they ranged from 2-12 yrs).
So we made our bubble wands last week and they were a ridiculous hit with not only all the children, but the neighbours kids too, plus all the adults as well.
Here are some of the awesome photos from it :)

One of the other cool things I had easily prepared for her party was the decorate some "ninjabread men". I bought the coolest cookie cutters awhile ago in the shape of ninjas and made a butter biscuit base the night before and it was ready!

You obviously dont have to get ninjas cutters to do this you can use whatever you have.
At the party, I set up the ninja biscuits with pink icing and things to decorate. We started with the youngest child and I thought it would just be the littler kids that would do it but soon I had all the other kids ( up to the 12 yr old) wanting to decorate!

Such an easy party activity!
What do you do to make party life easier for yourself?

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  1. I love the giant bubble wands and how everyone got engaged with them. The ninja cookies are just awesome! What cool cutters.