Friday, November 25, 2011

foto friday: puddles

Friday. A wet friday. Its been raining non stop ( I kid you not) since wednesday.
On wednesday, when it was still kinda sorta raining, my mum rang me to tell me of some awesome Canon competition ( for australian residents only, sorry!) that could win me a new camera ( yes I do need a new one) but it had to include an umbrella, I said to her " I need it to rain more". Obviously this was the wrong thing to say as now it hasnt stopped....
But it did mean that I was able to get some photos of an umbrella :) My ever helpful Amahli suggested she jump in muddy puddles whilst I took the photo. 20 photos later and with one very wet but happy child, this is the ones I liked :)

I sent one in, then asked Tim which one he liked. Of course he liked the one I didnt send in..... but hopefully, HOPEFULLY, ( but really thinking it will happen because some of the photos are amazing!) I might just win something :)
Voting will start soon so Ill let you know! Theres a viewers choice so I need lots of you to vote for me!!


  1. Those are wonderful photos! I will definitely vote for you! Would love for you to come over and share these at the Outdoor Play Party too!

  2. Will do!! Ill be over soon!! :)

  3. How exciting. I will be voting for you. I like both of them.