Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekending... the best way :)

How do you do weekends with your family? Is it made up of a whole heap of jobs that you race to get through whilst the kids play as far away from helping as possible?? Do you mow the lawns, wash the cars, spend time in the weeds in the only time you have away from work? DO you work hard to "just get it done"? Or do you a family work together????

I know, I know. Involving the kids means it takes twice as long, ends up making 4 times the mess and pretty much always means you'll have to completely do it again. But sometimes, all that is totally worth it :)

Tim had decided to wash his car, leaving me in the house with three children I had been with without him for a week ( I took them to Sydney, he stayed at home and went to work and then lived it up with us at night. Sounded like such a tough week. NOT). In his mind, he had a job to do and was going to do it. By himself.

Very quickly, I decided I was going to wash mine too, but all three kids were going to help me.
So armed with buckets and my beautiful craft sponges I had to cut up for the occasion, I herded them all out to merry cries of " we get to wash the car too!".

Outside, Jared changed teams and went to help daddy wash his car and it turned into a friendly game of " girls vs boys".
We had the best time, working together as a family, chatting, giggling, soap and suds going everywhere and possibly in the middle of all this, two cars got washed.

I watched two walkers stop and watch us, having a total blast as a family and they smiled and nodded and I felt their approval as I sought to involve my kids in our otherwise boring jobs.

Of course, pretty soon, it turned into a full on hose and water fight with daddy the master of the hose.

I ran to grab my camera ( if it gets wet or ruined it means I should get a new one! Right??) and took some shots of my very happy gang.

Times like this are SO invaluable for kids. Today they learnt:

That jobs can be fun ( in true mary poppins style).

That we can work together to do jobs.

How to wash a car ( important life skill I never really worked on much).

That it doesnt have to cost money to spend time together and completely enjoy it.

And as a family, we created some memories I hope will last them a lifetime :)
So go, find a job and do it together!


  1. How wonderful!!!
    You are just dying for a new camera, aren't you?
    It looks like so much fun. I do have a question for you. Why are you parked in your yard (and so are your neighbors across the street)? Is it an Australian thing?

  2. haha we are parked in the yard to wash the car :) parked on the grass so the grass gets the water was a new rule brought in with all the water restrictions we had. Which seems funny now we are in floods right now.

    and yes, I am dying for a new camera!! I was getting close to it too... until Tim decided to have a birthday... grrrr