Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cooking up a storm

School holidays and yet again the water of the world is falling in Port Macquarie... it doesnt bother me so much really. Only for the fact that we have no clothes in any cupboards again and the ground will now be wet until christmas but as far as my kids go, its a fairly thing to deal with.

On Monday arvo though, my facebook status was FULL of mums complaining that they had nothing to do with their bored kids... drives me nuts really, but then I am slammed with " oh well its easy for a creative Mum" and I know better than to tell them to pull their socks up and MAKE it happen...
But I thought I would help them a bit and suggest a few things they could do at home. Whilst I did this, in all of about 15 minutes, my own gang entertained themselves until I got there.
I then hear the most almighty scream and Jared comes racing to me, eyes wide open and in pain.
Took me a few seconds to realise this had happened.

Great game though. What you do is one person starts running and the other catches their leg so they fall over! BRILLIANT! Shame the tv cabinet was in the way. *sigh*

So I logged off from helping and joined my gang.
I had some cooking ideas to do today and so we began.

Now, in Coles last week, a "friend" stopped me and asked how on earth I could teach my kids to cook when I use a packet cake mix. ( Oh wow thanks for that!)

This is what WE learnt today from cooking with a "cheat" packet mix.

Reading instructions. ( jumeirah @ 7yrs)

Working out what the little "c" meant after 180c. (jumeirah)

How to turn the oven on the right temperature. ( Jared @5yrs)

Measuring the right amount of milk ( Amahli @ 3yrs) and talking about what would happen if you measured it wrong ( Jumeirah)

Learning the difference between tsp and tbspn ( teaspoon and tablespoon) and how they differ in size. ( ALL)

Mixing until all ingredients are combined ( Amahli)

Working out how many patty pan cases you need for 12 holes. ( Amahli/Jared) and also working out that if you have pinkand white, how many of each you need to make it an equal amount ( Jumeirah)

Spooning just one tablespoon into each case, talking about why it looks half empty and what will happen in the oven. ( all)

Waiting for it to cook in the oven... ( me mostly)

Icing and decorating.. trying not to lick our fingers whilst we do it as we can give others our germs( All)

Such a simple plan but it has SO many concepts and learning in it!

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  1. Is it impolite in Australia to punch a "friend" right in the face? Because I have a strong urge to do that to her.

    I am sorry about Jared's gash. It looks like a good one. :/
    You are a fantastic mom and you can send anyone that thinks differently over to me and I will set them straight.