Thursday, April 26, 2012

little bit more cooking

Another cooking day from the holidays... still catching up!

I had an extra child for the morning and both girls wanted to do something " cookery" and "fun" ( what is it these two and making me find them "fun"??)

So I pulled out something I had stashed away for a rainy day, which meant that today was perfect ;) I found the coolest chocolate mould a while ago and some white chocolate and we were set. I had brilliant intentions of colouring the chocolate with food colouring ( DONT DO THIS BIT. It seriously doesnt work well) but next time Ill find some proper wilton colours...

So we set to work... we talked about how long chocolate takes to melt in the microwave, and what happens when you over cook it ( yup I was good at that) and not cooking it enough ( obviously it was still solid) . Once melted, I added food colouring to it. At this point, the chocolate starts to congeal REALLY quickly and impossible to pour into the mould. We had to really work fast to get the chocolate into the mould at all but somehow it worked. ( This happens frequently, I think its totally screwed and then somehow I pulled it off)

How cute are they!! The kids abolutely love them, especially Jared who was totally not convinced that they were edible but was shocked with delight at how good they were :)

For lunch, I set the girls up to make rice paper rolls for lunch. Ive been totally addicted to these for a few weeks now so I had all the ingredients, I set them to cut up the veggies, and then instructed them on how to construct them. They had the choice of capsicum, chicken, cheese, beans, carrot, and snowpeas. Both of them filled them as they liked and then rolled them.

Such an easy yum lunch :)


  1. I love those molds, where did you find them?

  2. Hey Tima!
    I found them on ebay.... wasnt that expensive but we will use them heaps!!

    heres two ebay sites I just found:

  3. Okay I had to get the ninjabread men after you shared and now I am going to have to get these. I bet I can make them into Ninjago men. Cole would totally flip out!

  4. Oh my, I found these trays, I found a big silicone tray that is one giant lego man. Oh, and I found popsicle molds, too!!!!

  5. hahaha oh yes I saw the giant lego man too!!! oh gosh the purchase list is endless ;)