Tuesday, April 24, 2012

rainy day boats

Of course... it rains a WHOLE week of the school holidays. And not just piddly little rain. No! This is rain that floods, FAST. Its like the whole ocean is dumped upon us.. consistently for days. By day 2 Id had enough... kids had had a terrible morning and wasnt looking much better for the afternoon. So I knew I had to do something fast if I was going to survive...

Luckily, a friend of mine has been collecting corks for me for awhile now and I knew just what to do with them ;)

Jared and Jumeirah were fast to stop playing crazy not-good inside games to be allowed to come outside with me. We glued together two corks, added a makeshift mast with bluetac and a matchstick and the followed me outside to our gushing river of a gutter ( that water has just flowed merrily through our backyard :( )

And this was the result!

They loved it. I loved it. And whats more, with umbrellas at the ready, it wasnt raining as hard for the hour we played in the flooded drain, but as soon as we finished, the heavens opened up again! I had a few neighbours comment on my " we never see kids get to play like this anymore!" and I was glad I hadnt robbed my kids of simple cork play just because they might get wet.

We have more plans to use these boats on the beach.... stay tuned for that one :)


  1. Awesome. You can glue the corks onto craft foam to make animals, too.