Wednesday, February 8, 2012

getting ready for school

As you can probably tell, life has still not got itself sorted enough for me not to feel dizzy everytime I turn around ;) I havent been in here much, I havent had time to sort through the few photos Ive been taking, Im still working around being exhausted and longing to return to school holidays where life seemed so much simpler! Im so behind on photos it just isnt funny....

This year, Jared is at preschool for two days a week. Im not really a big fan, but it will help in the transition to school next year ( dont even tell me how much worse next year is going to be!)
Whilst he is home with me the other three days in the week, Ive been trying to create a mix of school readiness stuff, combined with encouraging those wonderful self help skills that will aid him in not only surviving but thriving at school :) Things like problem solving, dealing with things when they dont go the way he wants, sharing, looking after your own things... all things that dont come as easily to him as it does his older sister ( and he really doesnt care much either).

So this week, I spent some time with just him, whilst little miss was asleep (another thing that isnt going to last much longer *sigh*). We did something simple to set up and not really involving anything too difficult.

I drew on a piece of paper all the numbers 1-10 and the letters of his name with dotted lines between each digit. He had to cut them all out, then sort them out in order, then glue them in order.

This is a great actvity that they can do whilst you help a younger child, or even whilst breast feeding a younger sibling as its something that requires a more verbal encouragement rather than a physical assistance. I used to do lots of these things whilst feeding Amahli for Jumeirah as it kept her busy but still gave me time to help her without using my hands.

Jared loved doing this and we chatted throughout his cutting, when he wasnt concentrating just like his mum does ;)

Once it was all cut he spent ages gluing each number and letter on it order ( I dont have a final photo of this but you get the idea) and was proud to show dad this arvo.
Im glad of this time with him. Jumeirah got two years at the beginning, Amahli gets two years at the end. But he doesnt get just him and me time so I am savouring every moment :)


  1. What a simple and fun idea. Charley won't be ready for this yet, but soon. She can definitely cut. I think I will do the numbers with her. We are starting to work on numbers.

  2. is your family all ok almost?? Ive been thinking of you's x

  3. This is best idea to engage kids in these type of activities through which they will able to get something and also be interested in doing these things.