Thursday, February 16, 2012

cause and effect

Lately Jareds been asking alot to build things lately and has had to learn the hard way that when something gest built, it also usually gets knocked down ( often by a little monkey who thinks its funny).
Yesterday I wanted to set up some activities for him to show cause and effect.

For his birthday recently, I bought him two sets of building things. One is a marble run ( kinda similar to our quadrilla set but a a bit different) and a set of wooden dominos.

Both were a big hit. The dominos we set up and I didnt explain anything about them, we just set to task in setting them up on a big course. The first time I told him to knock it down, he looked at me in shock as if to say " I just set the freakin thing up!" but I quickly showed him how it works and we set it up a few times so he could work out how close it needed to be and how knocking the dominos could also knock over and create a windmill too with other pieces.

He other toy he got was a set called Q Ball Maze and whilst its a bit trickier, it provided lots of fun ( probably more for me but still...). This one isnt about knocking it down, but making it work so the marbles can run all the way to the bottom.

This one is done with help of instructions.

Both work so well in showing cause and effect, and really got his brain working :) I could watch him learning like this all day xxx

This is his own creation :) he loved the fact that the marbles all ran to the bottom!

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