Monday, February 20, 2012


Yet more rain here... seriously I dont know where else it can come from! The ocean dropped on us for a full week, flooding our region, roads, and houses, and now its back here again!
Its hard not to get down in weather like this. I personally love the rain but am nervous as our garage flooded last time and its a bit scary to deal with in the middle of the night.... but Miss 3 showed me the upside of rain today.... rainbows.

With Jared not well, ( well hes ok, just really lethargic now so I let him have a day on the lounge.... oh what I would do for a day on the lounge....) I got some paint out for Amahli and I to do.
I asked her what she wanted to paint and her response was " the rainbow I found!"

This is the  rainbow she found :)  ( I was told to " hurry Mum, get your camera!" so I knew it was a good one).
And so we sat together whilst she painted a rainbow.... for about a minute. Then she stopped, looked at me and said " Mum, wheres your rainbow?" and so I got busy with a rainbow too.

And she reminded me that though dark clouds and storms come my way, I can always find me a rainbow... sometimes you just need to paint your own ;)

This is hers.. mine was no where near as good


  1. Very pretty rainbow (in the sky and Amahli's). Wow, she is looking so big. You really need to stop your kids from growing up.

  2. I know Im trying! They arent listening and are rather gleeful about the fact that frow in their sleep ;)