Friday, February 3, 2012

the simple things

Today was the last day of a very long, busy week. School is back in full force, with lunches having to be done everyday, preschool for Jared two days this week, a 5th birthday... I feel like Ive starting running on Monday and have only just stopped now.

This morning, I had absolutely nothing for breakfast, Im talking no bread, no cereal, and limited milk. At 7.30am, the last thing I felt like doing was traipsing off to the shop to find breakfast.....
But, with three hungry mouths to feed I didnt have a lot of choice. Until a brilliant 7 yr old came up with the idea of making our own pancakes.
Now, I have to admit, I dont realy make much from scratch. I love my packet mixes, premade sauces, anything that makes my life that little bit easier :) This stretches to even the shaka maker pancake mix.
But she was pretty determined we could work it out so we googled a recipe and searched for the ingredients. All that was needed was sugar, milk, self raising flour and and egg, all surprisingly, in my cupboards and fridge!

So with a recipe in hand, we began to make our first homemade-from-scratch pancakes.

Dont you love pancake bokeh?? ;)

When they were cooked,  we also found a punnet of fresh blueberries to go with them.
I felt vey mother nature-ish as my little hungry hoard happily ate them all.
Its funny how the simple things can bring such easy pleasure :)

Happy weekend :)


  1. I love pancake bokeh. lol
    Homemade pancakes are a favorite around here. So are homemade waffles.

  2. Girlfriend... I am concerned that the milk in the above photo is a bit past it's use by date... take a look! 18 Jan.
    Hope they tasted ok.
    Love ya! Froget!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA thats too funny Jen jen! Its actually a photo from round one version of making pancakes that didnt work so well ;) we used in date milk the next time I promise :)

    hey kim, I know I had to laugh at pancake bokeh too ;)