Saturday, February 11, 2012

daily life

Finally the rain has let up :) Apparently its going to be short lived, but Im taking it whilst I can!

I had a whole heap of washing to do, but I wanted to find something that I could involve the other two in.
So, I set up an outdoor area that would include a few different areas for they to engage in.
Both were interested in what I was doing, and quickly came to help.
These are the areas I set up.

PAinting wasnt overly popular, and the boats were short lived, but the washing...BRILLIANT :)

The washing took ages and I kept having to find more and more things for them to wash. This is a brilliant activity for a heap of reasons..... self help skills, looking after your own things, working together ( making sure no one gets soaked) fine motor to squeeze out water, problem solving skills( when the line gets full or when clothes run out). But it also teaches a great life skill in a fun way. I HATE washing with a passion, but I dont know if I would hate it as much if it was as fun as this :)

Amahli spent the afternoon checking if it was dry, then pulled it all off and was ready to fold :)

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  1. That is a great idea. I love seeing them work together like that. Let's see if you can keep Amahli interested in the washing long enough to get her to do it for you. :)