Friday, April 8, 2011

project 52 week 12

This weeks project 52 photo and link up to Mom Tried It was to be under the theme of "texture".
I struggled a bit with this one, not really quite getting the idea of it and not wanting to "paint" as I hadnt done that before.
So Im posting two photos tonight, one is from the beach last week, and shows water texture....


This other one is a photo of an amazing leaf skeleton that I have spent most of the week trying to capture in a photo. Its just beautiful, intricate and delicat but I cant get it right.
This one is the best of a not great bunch... its shot into the sky with the clouds as a background.


Happy weekend to you and HAPPY SCHOOL HOLIDAYS TO US!!!! HOORAY!! stay tuned for lots of fun adventures :)


  1. Are you kidding, you did an amazing job capturing it's beauty! :)

  2. i fell in love with the 2nd photo.

  3. The leaf skeleton is really beautiful, but I am just amazed by the water. It looks like glass on top, but you can see all of the texture on the bottom. I love the contrast, I love the colors, I love everything about that shot. Just what I need, more fantastic photos of your neck of the woods. I already want to be there so badly.

  4. I love both photos. you are an amazing photographer. See you on the weekend.. love ya!

  5. thanks Girls! Such lovely feed back :)