Wednesday, April 20, 2011

simple egg biscuits

This week is just flying past with visits from a gorgeous friend from sydney and another gorgeous one from Wingham... its made for a fun and busy week that I wish would just slow down!

Easter craft yesterday before my little friend left again for home was something really simple that pretty much any age can do from about 12 months to whatever! most kids will find something fun to do with this one. Arrowroot biscuits are the perfect egg shape and are easy to deocrate.
Now, you can be healthy and use a cheese spread and sultanas to decorate but I went for the sugar overload and made pink icing and mini marshmallows :)

The easiest way to contain really small kids in the activity is to strap them into a high chair. Its means the mess is contained but it also helps them to stay in one place with this activity. Give each child their own biscuit, younger children can have theirs pre spread with icing. Give each child a handful of their own marshmallows ( saves arguement) and allow them to decorate as they please. Pretty obviously, the littles are going to eat them as they stick, but they are using fine motor control to pick up tiny marshmallows so its good for working on those skills if no actual decorating gets done :)

Jared just wanted to see how many he could get on one biscuit...

Amahli was all colour co ordinated....

Jumeirah made faces :)

Older children tend to make patterns ( and in my house, faces!) and enjoy using sprinkles and other deocrations to complete this. Today I was going for simple simple so this was enough.

When they are done, pop them in the fridge for about half an hour so the icing can become firm.
Or eat them straight away if you cant wait ;)

Here are some of the beautiful moments I had with this precious little one and my gang on the beach :)

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  1. You have beautiful children, beautiful photos, and I have been enjoying reading your posts, taking in your ideas for making Easter (Resurrection Sunday) more meaningful. Thank you for sharing. I found your site when I was looking for a cross outline to use for Easter artwork and perhaps putting Scripture verses within the shape. Thanks, Carolyn in Texas, USA