Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Egg dyeing

The last few days have been SO JAMMED PACKED full of cool things that I truly couldnt even stop my heading from spinning last night to actually sit and construct a blog. So I didnt :) I went to bed.

This morning, I got up and went for a 15km bike ride so I am almost ready to crash out again now but thought I should probably post something of the coolness we have been doing here lately... I have been blessed to spend some time with a friend Ive had through a life time and her family these last few days.
Its been a blur of beachy fun, strawberry pickin, crafty bits, playing, laughing and lots and lots of photos.

I think I will sleep for weeks when the laughter dies down :) I

n a lull that happened briefly today, I got out a beautiful Easter craft that Jumeirah and I did last year, Egg dyeing. I had made a Zuchinni slice last week and very cleverly blew the eggs out rather than crack them ( seemed like a good idea at the time... its freakin ridiculously hard and hurts your cheeks for days) and so I had 5 to work with this morning.

All three kids were keen to decorate their own eggs and then dye them. Eggs have to be held really carefully so they dont crack but all of them knew just how to hold them so they could draw too.

Once drawn on ( we used pastels), each egg was placed in his own dye bath. They dont take long to colour up, only needing to be turned once or twice to completely colour the each. Each egg is then placed in a tea cup to dry and drain. They turned out beautifully and my lovely children were so proud of themselves, wanting to show the neighbours their eggs.

I did mine with sticky tape for a different effect. If you want more, have a look at last years efforts :)

Amahlis wasnt quite dry...

Unfortunately, we will crack them later in the week for another craft we did last year, egg shell mosaics :)


  1. I like the sticky tape effect. I think I like last year's better, though. It was just too cool.
    Blowing out eggs is hard work. You deserve a medal.

  2. yes last years was much cooler but I did them :) These were totally kid done and inspired. So that works better for me ;)