Wednesday, April 6, 2011

lets go fly a kite!

Recently we have had a run of beautiful days.. days filled with family, love, laughter and cruisy cruisy chill-outed-ness. My mum ( and nephew, sister and brother in law) came for a few days, unfortunately some ended up pretty sick and had to go home early, but it was still a great time to let the cousins play :) Since then, we have had to say goodbye to Ma again, and also say goodbye to hubbins sister and brother in law as they begin the next chapter of their lives. So I have been making sure that all these goodbyes are surrounded by happy fun memories for all involved. I took my crew for a last play with a loved aunty and uncle to Lake Cathie on a coolish Autumn day. Coolish meaning my kids didnt have to wear a rash suit to go swimming ;) ( nothing will stop them) We had a great time, and even managed to get Jareds kite flying. And yes the clouds really were that colour! Taken with my phone so the quality isnt great but you get the idea

I also took them to the beach to escape the household that seemed to be getting sick ( Ma and hubbin went downhill with sore throats and whatever bugs were flying around) to enjoy some simple beach time and some lovely fresh air. Unfortunately for them, I took my camera :)

They can be impossible to capture... being clowns or being serious or just plain being themselves and NOT wanting another photo, I waited patiently to catch one of each of them, just in that "moment". We built castles, fished for treasures, watched the waves...

Cant really explain this one except I had to take it if I wanted her to smile :) Apprently its giving her face a chance to "get ready"

And whilst I did feel a little guilty at not having a "proper" crafty post to show you today, I feel calm and relaxed. My kids are learning about balance, to be busy and to slow down, to create happy memories in whatever they are doing.

And I am learning to be patient behind a lens :) Because when I do, and they think Im not happily clicking away ( and I use an awesome lens that looks like Im closer than I really am)I get these.

Love :)xxxx

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  1. Those are great shots. I don't just come here to read about crafts and stuff. I come here to connect with you. So these kinds of posts are great. I am sure others will agree, too.