Thursday, April 7, 2011

This time last year: egg shell mosaic

I pulled this one from the " This time last year" archives as we spent most of the day at school painting plaster moulds ( what parent in their right mind offers to make 26 plaster moulds and then has to get up every hour all night long to make a ANOTHER two as only two can be made at a time??? A stupid one, thats who!!) and running around like headless chooks... now I feel an egg blowing session coming on :)

After spending so much time blowing yesterdays eggs, I must admit had some trouble in destroying them. I had seen a few different things to do with the shells once you had finished admiring them, but the one that stood out to me was egg shell mosaics. And then funnily enough, on Paintcutpaste they had done the same craft and had made the most beautiful dragonfly and so thats what we set out to do. I crushed the egg shells into smallish pieces, and had each colour in seperate containers. We didnt have the whole rainbow spectrum but I was impressed at the two tones of green that one egg had, light green on the inside and dark green on the outside ( yeah of course I did it on purpose! ;)) We also had black and blue as well. Jumeirah and I drew the designs we wanted on a piece of paper, hers a butterfly, mine a dragonfly. ( I already told you I am not completely creative, sometimes its easier to copy) And very slowly, we worked together, piece by tiny piece, to create the most amazing little pictures.
They took a long time as each piece has to be placed just so. After almost an hour, Jumeirah had had enough and started sprinkling the last of her egg shell onto her butterfly but she did really well.
I just love how these turned out! Am now looking for some frames to put them into... how awesomea re they going to look on the wall :)

What arty things do your kids do that you cant resist doing yourself ;) ??

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  1. I remember this. I was just thinking about your hot glue dyed eggs yesterday. I was thinking about how I might try it, but the I came to my senses. I think we are going to do the same old use a crayon effect. :-)