Tuesday, October 23, 2012

holders for card games

We have had the strangest run of crazy weather here lately... saturday it was a scorcher at nearly 41 degrees, then dropped to 19 the day after!! Its playing havoc with my lungs and the kids noses but at least its been cooler the last few days.. I dread the heat of summer....

Yesterday after school I got so busy with cleaning that by the time I got to bed I couldnt recall one full conversation I had with any of the kids. Not that they really minded, they seem to all dissapear as soon as we get home and dont surface until daddy gets home (hmm) but its not a feeling I like. So this arvo I stopped them before they all took off and asked if they wanted to learn a new game. I had bought a card game called Phase 10 which I thought Jumeirah would enjoy but that Amahli could sort of play along too. Its basically a game with 10 phases ( funnily enough!) with things like a set of 4 and a run of 4, a run of 8, 4 yellows and 3 greens, etc, pretty easy to pick up but makes you think too. Both girls loved the concept, but struggled to hold 10 cards in their hands. Id start by fanning it out for them but pretty quickly one had hand cramps and the other couldnt see any of the cards she was working with.

Id seen a few ideas a couple of weeks back on a good friend of mine who wrote for another blog ( yes its all twisty) here, where that clever mum had made card holders for her cherubs to use whilst playing card games so I thought we could give it a go too.

Cutting an egg carton in half, I cut a slit in each section to slot a card into. I had to work quick because I didnt want to lose them, so it wasnt as pretty or fancy as it could have been and it didnt quite look right either, but it worked and they loved it!

I love other bloggers who make my life easier :)


  1. Yay! It looks like you all had fun. Amahli is getting so big. Make her stop growing!!!!