Tuesday, November 6, 2012

get in your kids photos

I  totally wont be surprised if theres no one still in here with me... Im finding it harder and harder to get in here to write even though I have heaps more to share... I hope that from time to time you stumble back ;)

Today, my beautiful littlest Miss turned 4. I know. Its crazy.
This is one of the first photos I took of her on this blog...

This is what she looks like today :) Three years out of 4 of this babes life Ive blogged for! She'll have a great momento if and when I ever get to print it!

Today she turned 4 and with promises of a great day ( plus a sister at home with a sore ear) we started. First to a weekly music lesson, something weve gone to for nearly 7 years.
Then a walk through a new part of town ( well its actually a historical cemetery but Ive never been in it before!) thats absolutely beautiful.
I told both girls I wanted to take some new photos. Now, I may get paid to be a photographer for other families, and I think Im pretty good at it! but my own children?? NEVER WORKS. But I was determined today to get some anyway :)

So we walked and talked and looked out for bats and I shot and dawdled and listened to conversations between two amazing sisters.

And we were done and ready to leave. I had a quick scroll  through the photos, relatively happy with what I had. Then stopped, and realised, yet again, Im in none of them.

I created a video for Amahlis birthday of her life from 0-4. 140 photos I used to make the video and Im in 2 of them.
I know I struggle with how I look currently, but Im working on it. But in the meantime, my kids are growing up without visual proof to look back on that I was ever there ( except behind the camera).

So I passed the camera to Jumeirah, gave her a quick lesson on how to line our heads up, giving some space around us, and watched her shoot.

And whilst I dont love the photo of me ( only a touch of editing, I promise!) I love it of US.

And Im going to work on getting a whole lot more :)

Get in your kids photos, today. Who knows what life has in store, but it would be a terrible shame to look back and not be in  those memories.....


  1. I'm still reading!
    Thanks for the reminder regarding photos.
    I asked my 5 year old to take a few pics of me and my daughter the other day (pocket camera, not my good one!) and they turned out okay....I deleted a few :-) My 2 year old had a go too.
    I'm thinking about attempting a 'family photo' on timer this year at the beach....wish me luck :-p

  2. Oh yes my plan is to do a Christmas one at the beach on a timer too!! Good luck!!