Thursday, October 11, 2012

letters letters everywhere!!!

Had to help one of the locals cross the road today... as you do in Port Macquarie ;)

This week has been a really awesome week for letter hunting!! Its also been interesting to see the world of letters from someone who cant quite get them completely yet... I never realised how confusing it cna be with different fonts, symbols used as letters, capitals, lowercase and everything in between!! But Jared has been loving it, finally he is beginning to see a greater connection with letters.

I just need him not to yelp in excitement when Im driving ;)

These were the favourites from the last few days... and an example of how confusing it all is!!

Running writing, bold writing and a word in capitals all in the one sign!
This was the first sign where he squealed he could see an "S!"
Trouble is the letter T is written as a bottle opener which makes it difficult to recognise.
Lots of fun letters to recognise here :)
Thought I might print some of these signs out and make him a book where he can practise reading letters that arent as easy as a printout from me. Will be something that he can do whilst we are reading at night or on his own.

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  1. How cool about the koala! We love hunting letters, but only for about 3 minutes. Then Charley says it gets old. Sheesh.