Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Big Sister box ( or big brother box)

School holidays are as usual flying by... we have spent so much time at the beach I think salt water is coming from our ears in a permanent flow, snad will NEVER be out of our hair, but we are happy and full of beautiful Vitamin D!!

Just recently, one of my littlest friends became a big sister for the first time. As per the norm, I went and bough at gorgeous pressie for the new little boy, a gift for mum and something small for dad. But when it came to thinking about my little friend I wanted to give her something too. Its hard to become a big sibling, to not be the only child anymore. Its even harder to watch mum spend ages feeding this noisy new thing seemingly ALL THE TIME, even more so when you are not quite 2. So I have made something especially for her to do whilst mum is busy feeding that requires little to no help from mum at all, but that is fun, engaging, and also not expensive but also can be added to.

My First Big Sister Pack
(as yet i dont have a box to put it in but you  get the idea)

These are the things in it!

An all about me book. At 2 shes going to LOVE this. All the photos are of her :)
It was easy to make ( relatively, I cant sew and ideas get stuck in my head dont always quite turn out how I plan... but this is using printable fabric so that bit was easy)

A simple puzzle

pretend play plates, knives and forks for a play tea party

pompoms and a set of barrels to sort with ( great for imaginary play  too!) ( second container)

handmade cupcakes to go with the tea party ( easy to make!)

Set of stickers ( in first photo)

I can add things to this as she gets older, pens and paper is good and easy but as shes still quite young I dont want mum having to get up to help her, kinda defeats the point!

So if you have a little friend going through the "new baby"stage at home, why not create a pack for them! I know they will love it but mum will too!!


  1. I love those desserts you make. What a fantastic gift for the little girl. Becoming a big sister can be hard. This should help a lot.