Monday, October 8, 2012

Letter games

Sadly, the school holidays are over and we begin the downhill slide to the end of the year!! This term is FULL of scary new concepts for me... Jared begins school orientation this week ( YIKES!), Jumeirah will sit an exam to see if she is eligible for a position in an extension class next year, Amahli is about to turn 4... so many big things!!

Jared and I have been doing lots of letter activities lately. Ive been a bit worried that he really wasnt recognising any letters correctly and wanted to help him out a bit for next year. ( yes yes I know thats what school is for... but I want to give him the best start that I can so why not do a bit now??)
I bought a book which he happily calls "homework" and last week we worked with just 4 letters; B,M,T,S. We talked about them, what starts with them, what they sound like.

I did it with everything. And slowly but surely, he began to get it right more often than not. And today, he was so excited that he squealed at me to "STOP THE CAR!" because he found a T in a road sign :) I gotta admit, I was pretty excited too. I am an avid reader and love words so to see it finally click for him and for him to realise that the letters work together, was an exciting development.

So Im blogging this week on some letter activities that you can do at home with your own cherubs!
Amahli has been keen on letters for sometime so shes doing it too.

Todays activity was to create the letters out of playdough.
Its not only a great activity in letter recognition, but also playdough is wonderful for strengthening core finger muscles that will be used to hold a pen or pencil very soon!

I drew the letters onto a piece of paper ( had I time I would have laminated them first before he used them but he was at the table and ready to go so I wasnt going to wait!)


He really enjoyed this  today which was such a change from normal. I think the fact that it is starting to make sense to him makes it more fun :)

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