Friday, October 19, 2012

breaking your own rules

umm maaaa!! how does a whole week go by without me seeing it fly?? crazy.

Life has gotten itself all busy on me again and work is piling up and somehow, I havent blogged for a week. Which feels weird but its not to say we havent had a great week :)

Heres a sneak peek at whats taken over my world/house/sanity....


Whilst I was casually browsing the shops the other day with the two little people, minding my own business and NOT spending money, hubbin crept up on me. He was browsing too (hmm it doesnt stop there unfortunately) and had "something to show"me..... I should have run then but  I followed. To the nerf gun section of target.

And suddenly the two boys in my life are BEGGING for one.... "they are on special! Ive never had one!! We wont shoot anyones faces!!" And so the mother in my sighs and takes two nerf guns to purchase and to put away for Christmas ( a third nerf gun had already been secretly purchased and had been put away months ago for Jared but todays were "better and easier "so Id been told).

And so we go home. Not long after, papa bear arrives home from work and I head to the shower..... and come out to a full blown cardboard massacre and not one, not two but ALL THREE nerf guns assembled to the delight of the now 4 children I seem to have in front of me.....

I walked away, feeling very "mum" like. Who am I to spoil the fun??

I wrote my story on facebook, to which I recieved a bunch of "thats so cool!!"comments and one that really stuck in my head.....
                               "its family bonding! go with it!"

And I realise that sometimes its ok to do something completely out of the norm, why cant we just be in that moment and break our own rules???

And so the family nerf battle began :) No miniture figure was safe, even the dog took cover.
The kids ( and the big kid) all had a ball. Kids bedtime curfew was stretched from 7pm to 9pm ( another rule to break... although I paid for it this morning)

And all three little kids are still talking about it....

do you ever break free of the "mum" in you and break your own rules??


  1. I make breaking the rules a regular thing...I just can't help myself...imagine the look on my kids faces when they wake up and go to the cupboard for breakfast...pulling out the cereal and muesli...and I pipe up with 'WHO WANTS ICE_CREAM FOR BREAKFAST' (only done this once mind you)...and my favourite is letting the kids be 3 hours late for school....I write the teacher a note... 'dear Miss D, please excuse L for being late today as we WENT TO THE BEACH' Bahahahaha not great work ethics...but hopefully a great bonding experience lol!!!

  2. ps it's not's Mel Lee but I didn't know how to do the other ones.... :P