Wednesday, August 22, 2012

money money money

limited photos as my internet is cactus :(
There has been alot of interest lately in money. All three kids seem a bit obsessed, not neccessarily about having money or spending it, but the whole concept of it, how it feels, where you can find it, what it looks like.

All have been begging me for a chore chart so they can get "paid" ( its coming I promise!) but for now, they are happy with the jobs I give them and finding coins in daddys jeans pocket and down the back of the lounge....

When Jared lost a tooth last week it was incredibly exciting that the tooth fairy didnt just leave one coin, she left a WHOLE HEAP! Actually she left one of each kind!! And so today, we decided to have a closer look at this money.

I had designed a simple homework sheet for Jared that asked him to shade over the coins onto paper.
Using a piece of charcoal, he was able to see the design of the coins coming through on the paper.

He had to shade a certain amount of each coin, and so he also had to work out which coin was which by the number on it ( indicating the amount of the coin).

He seemed to really enjoy working out which one was 20c, 50c and so on, and even though he had some trouble in the shading part, he was able to complete it pretty well!

We also talked about the animals on our coins, the people on the back of the coins, how the spin on the table, and what you could buy if you had money.

Was a funny little conversation :)

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  1. I like the idea of coin rubbing. I will have to do that with Charley.