Monday, August 20, 2012

simple drawing

Its happened again. AGAIN. Sickness. Oozy gross noses. Coughs. Yuck. And its me. AGAIN.
Think I may crawl into bed and wait until Spring arrives.....

Whilst I could feel this cold coming over me again this weekend, I sat and did some simple stuff with my lovely littlest who informs me that she grew last night even when I told her not to. Shes well pleased that a) shes growing and b) that she can defy me even when she doesnt have to try ;)

So we sat, us two, and drew the afternoon away....
I am bit amazed at how her drawings are increasing in their detail, even in the last few weeks! Eyes, ears and hair are all starting to become regular features, and mostly I can tell exactly what shes drawn before she tells me.

But this little drawing was just something I had to share.
You can tell alot about a child by their drawings.. things that they are thinking about, things that are bothering them, how they feel... their drawings are an amazing view into a small part of their brains. I have done a fair bit of study into this in the last 20 yrs of teaching and then being a mum, and this picture that Amahli drew is a classic example of how she sees the world and more importantly, herself.

In my little 3 yr olds mind, she is The Boss. The Leader. First and Last. and the most important.
She has the most detail in herself, ( I didnt prompt her but she was quick to tell me that the centre character is herself), shes right in the middle, shes the biggest, and shes used the most colours in drawing herself. She has managed to come out of her self centredness enough to start to draw Jared ( on the left) and our dog, China ( the brown drawing) and Jumeirah is really small near the rainbow.

The funniest part of this drawing is the small character under Jumeirah which is poor Daddy, who in Amahlis eyes, is still covered in chicken pox. ( Hes not quite that bad now thankfully, but it obviously had a big impact in her head).

Watch your childs drawings. They can show all sorts of things.....I remember giving Jumeirah some paper and pencils at 6 yrs old and asking her to draw when she couldnt find the words to talk to me and it came out that she was not happy and getting hurt at school.
It can really help a child who cant find the language to show how the feel in drawings.

 Keep them, well some of them.
If nothing else, they can be brilliant pay back at 21st's :)

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