Tuesday, August 28, 2012

fathers day fun!!

In my part of the world, this weekend is Fathers Day.

My kids love to do things for both of us at random times, but fathers day is one of those special times to really celebrate "daddy".

This year, I searched for a while to find the perfect gift we could make for not only my three cherubs but the 55 dads that belong to our church too! ( yikes. yup Im mad. I know). I teach an awesome bunch of kids from ages 3-7 and they are always up for a bit of craftiness for something special.

I wanted to find something that would encourage dads to spend time with their kids, to create a pressie that would be fun and easy for them to do together.

After scouring Pinterest, I found a cool idea from the website Bakerella, called Cowboy cookies in a jar. The idea looked fantastic and once Id showed my three little chefs they were totally sold on the idea.
With a little bit of tweaking to the recipe amounts to work for us here in Oz, I was ready to try out a batch.

We went shopping and got all the ingredients, set them up on the table, and we were ready to start.
All three were totally involved in making the jar, layering the ingredients, and then were VERY incouraging that we tried to make them STRAIGHT AWAY!

So we did :)

They looked so good!

The house smelt amazing and thankfully, when we pulled them out of the oven, they were round and delicious.

I put them on a plate, told the kids I was grabbing the mail ( to read with a nice new bikkie) and NOT to touch the cookies for a few minutes.... and then once I got back to the kitchen......


Looks like they were a winner ;)

This was the finished product, ready for daddy for Fathers Day!!

Labels were printed from Bakerella.

Production time with a friend :)
And heres a small sample of the rest of the ones we did for some wonderful dads


  1. Those do look really yummy. My kids would like to eat those. My husband, not so much. But Father's Day is in June here. I love all the jars lined up. Very cool gift.

  2. whats wrong with your husband??? seriously!!! they were awesome ;)unfortunately...