Wednesday, August 15, 2012

best playdough recipe EVER

( internet issues have caused me to me to be missing without action for the last week... sorry!!) Recently I have come to love watching my kids play in the afternoon....
I noticed yesterday the girls set up together with their afternoon tea and drinks, chairs close together, chatting about their respective days.

I have had to pretty much hide because conversation ceases when I am around but its been pretty funny to listen to...

yesterdays convo went like this:

Amahli: " So how was your day?"

Jumeirah: " Pretty good. I had fun but didnt like mums sandwich."

Amahli: (sigh) " me either! I went to the beach."

Jumeirah: " We should go there on the weekend! I read my book today."

Amahli: " yeah me too. I had a sleep and it was good."

It cracks me up cos its like listening to two strange versions of myself. But what I really loved was that they were mimicking conversations I have with them everyday. Ones that I sometimes get frustrated with cos Im busy and trying to get dinner/washing/vacuuming done, but ones I had nevertheless.I let them talk, they let me talk. Its an equal conversation.
I loved that this is a time that they remember, and one they use in play or at least in this quiet time together. So be careful what language and time you show your kids... cos no doubt they are watching you :)

Today though, I discovered something so amazing even I was shocked. The best ever playdough recipe.
Now, it might not seem that amazing, but when youve been making it solidly for about 20 years, finding a recipe that you fall in love with IS a big deal.
I hate playdough normally, I have some weird thing going on with things that dry out on your hands ( I hate that feeling) and most playdough feels salty and leaves it crusty on your hands so I cant normally touch it.

But I was cruising the webisphere and found one with a few different ingredients and thought Id give it a try.

Ingredients and instructions are:

  • 1 Cup Plain Flour
  • 1/4 Cup Salt
  • 3 tsp of vinegar
  • 2 Tablespoons of Oil
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • Food Coluoring
  • Method
    1. Mix the dry ingredients in a saucepan
    2. Whisk in the water over low heat
    3. Mix in the vinegar
    4. Pour in the oil
    5. Continue to mix over low heat until it forms a playdough texture
    6. Split up the dough, and knead in the food color (when it’s cool enough to touch)

    we made ours brown because it was to become "dirt" to plant flowers in :)

    yes I know it looks like a big dog poo but seriously its awesome :)

    I loved the smell of it ( I love vinegar) and the feel of it was amazing. I was even caught up in playing with it!!!

    So if you are after a better playdough give this one a try!! I even would make a batch if I didnt have kids... playdough can be very therapeutic after a long weekend at work... SERIOUSLY! try it!!


    1. Wait, you love the smell of vinegar?

      I love the conversation. How sweet!
      The playdough does look like poop. You should use the Kool Aid! It makes it smell so lovely, but it would take away from the vinegar smell (most people think that is a good thing).

    2. Love it. Made some this morning! Thanks for the inspiration...

    3. Do you know if this is bakeable? I'd like to be able to let the kids make stuff that they can keep.