Sunday, September 2, 2012

food ideas for the fussys

Amahli is a fussy eater.. but randomly so. She doesnt eat fruit unless she decides to. She'll eat only apples for a week then tell me shes never eaten them. She'll beg for berries, only to tell me they are terrible. And dairy is a no go unless its a milkshake at the shops.....drives me insane.

I have been trying every trick in the book to get dairy into her, she hates cheese unless I make cheesy toast ( shes an odd one I tell ya), she eats her cereal dry, and wont touch yoghurt...

I had the mindset the other day to change the yoghurt idea though... which is rare but I seemed to be up for a challenge!!

When we go to the markets, we always end up with dippin dots. Little tiny balls of icecream that are totally delish and my kids love em. I thought that I would have a try at making some from yoghurt and then she might just eat it!

I started making them by using a medicine syringe and drawing the yoghurt into it, then squeezing it onto a baking tray covered with baking paper. Jared came to see what I was up to, closely followed by Amahli.

I thought this might be my downfall, but she was pretty fascinated at what I was doing. Once Id finished piping out the dots, we put it in the freezer. I told Amahli we were making our own dipping dots, and we would have to wait for them to freeze.

All afternoon she paced the freezer, waiting.

Once they were finally ready, I pulled them off the paper and put them in her bowl. She was up at the table in a flash, the dots were inhaled so fast.

We made some more and she helped, knowing full well it was yoghurt we were making them out of.
It seems that Amahli's food pain can be changed with a simple rethink and a touch of creativity :)

Wonder what else I can get her to eat ;)

Anyone else got odd kids??


  1. Cool...I am going to do this tomorrow! Looks like a fun dessert for my kids :-)

  2. My little girl likes eating frozen peas still frozen, straight from the packet. It's veges, so I'm not complaining ...