Friday, June 22, 2012

the difference in Mum VS Dad

During the week, I had a go at making some cute little reusable sandwich bags. Jareds preschool had a "no plastic wrap" week and so we were "encouraged" to not send any in the kids lunchboxes. Me, sensing a crafty challenge, got to work making some and was SO excited when the gorgeous waterproofed lined bag a made worked so well!!

Heres what it looked like:

So cute right!! Then it was brought to my attention that the stuff I used to make the lining with ( its a iron on vinyl, I absolutely LOVED it!) was really bad near food and was linked to all sorts of horrible stuff. So needless to say, I cant use them :( So they will be used as pencil cases :)

Last weekend, we took our tribe the beach. There really isnt any place Id rather be in winter than the beach! No one thinks about  going in the water, but the days are warm, bright and clear. Unfortunately, our coastline has taken a brutal beating from storms recently and our beaches resemble clifftops..... luckily for my kids, they now have ridiculously high hills to jump off, slide down, and general kamikaze themselves over.

Now as a mum, I dont overly cotton wool my kids when it comes to running on hard surfaces, jumping off rocks, climbing..... but this is fairly extreme and my inner "mum" was really work ing hard with her " gosh what if it collapses? what about broken bones? Isnt it a bit HIGH??"

But daddy, with his inner dare devil, totally encouraged them to explore, jump, FLY :)

And thats just what they did :)

(these arent properly edited, but that will come soon)

Daddy's tend not to worry so much, not thinking so far into the depth of danger, or the what ifs, but really living in the moment.
Its just what I need to do a bit more....

"there are two lasting bequests we can give our children, One is roots, the other is wings".

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  1. I love that shot of Jumeirah jumping with her ponytail straight in the air. In fact I love all of the jumping shots.