Thursday, June 7, 2012

more of the simple stuff

Just when I think Im too busy to do anything ( including anything regular on this blog... sorry!) I go and score myself yet another job ;)

Two days a week I am now caring for triplets ( yup you heard right) 3 yr olds ( again, yup) girls, who are very much like Amahli in temperament and attitude :)
Gorgeous little beings, and ones who I am totally going to love to watch shine as I care for them but yes, life is about to get even more crazy for the rest of us.
And so, I began this week, which meant on Tuesday I did as little as possible when I got home from my run to school/preschool/music/preschool/school home....

Luckily, my own gorgeous three were totally engaged with each other and Jumeirah quickly took charge and ordered me to "lovingly go away Mum" so they could play.

I did sneak in a couple of times to see what they were doing.

Jumeirah had set them all up in "fixing" the bedroom. Apparently its really unstable and needed some fine tuning to be able to be slept upon. I wasnt allowed in the "work space" so I left them to it :)

All of them have been asking for something to "decorate" their rooms though and so seeing as all rooms have been kept moderately clean since last week, I gave them the idea to hang the clouds I made recently.
Bedroom decor neednt cost a fortune. Simple things such as kids art, canvas paintings, photos or these clouds, take little time and funds but really make a bedroom fun.

I made these clouds for our mothers day morning and didnt really want to chuck them out so Im glad them came to good use.

They were really easy to make! Cut a whole heap ( I think I ended up with over 60 of them but you probably could do with 20-30) of clouds out of strong white paper.
Using a normal sewing machine set on a really wide straight stitch setting, ( I also used a quilting foot so it would travel easier) place one cloud beneath the foot and stitch through. When you get the the end of one cloud, let the machine stitch for a few seconds to each cloud is seperated slightly.

The place another cloud through the machine. Keep going in this fashion until all clouds are joined.
Then hang as you like! YOU could add hot air balloons, birds, hearts, planes or whatever you like between the clouds, but we are lovin this simple start. Its also an easy way to do bunting, or party decos as well!

And the best part is, it took about 1o mintues to do and cost me nothing so when they want a change I wont care too much about throwing it away :)

Love it :)


  1. Oh, Charley would love horses and gates strung through her room. I know it doesn't make sense to have them floating in the air, but a 3 year old's room doesn't need to make sense. lol

  2. most three yr olds I know dont make alot of sense anyway :) go for horses, Charley!!