Sunday, June 17, 2012

The letter B

I had another case of stupid Mother guilt the other day... at this age, Jumeirah was identifying letters, writing and reading... Jared?? Not so much. Truly he is a boy and couldnt care less for boring things like learning letters for goodness sake! But I so want him to be ok when he hits school next year I thought Id have some activities that would help him out a bit without making too much fuss over it :)

So I created a memory game, similar to what we've played before, only this time half the items started with B, the other half didnt, and when we went through through he had to work out if it started with a B or not. Took a bit to get started and to get the idea of what we were doing, but he soon cottoned on.
My kids LOVE this game and will play it over and over. Its brilliant if you are stuck in a Dr surgery or on a plane or really anywhere and can pull a few items out of your bag or from wherever and just play! You can adjust it to your kids age and stage, have only 3-4 items for a 3 yr old and build on it. Even Jumeirah at nearly 8 loves playing and will play for ages.

This activity lead to a painting activity ( its always painting when it comes to Amahli) and I told them it was something starting with B... balloons!! Both were very keen to do this.

Balloon painting is actually pretty tricky. They are hard to hold and even harder to control so it takes kids a bit to get the hang of it. Both really enjoyed this even though we had a few balloon escapes...

I then added paintbrushes and encouraged Jared to think and then paint something beginning with "B" ( first response was "yeah... nah" but I kinda sorta bribed and he was cool :) )

He worked out that blue berries and bananas start with B and even better, they take no time at all to paint!!

Funny boy :) How I love you xx


  1. love your letter b game, I think my littlest will love playing this.

  2. Don't ever feel guilty. You know how different your children are and you know they process information differently, too. Jared has shown you plenty of times that he can do these things. Just have confidence in yourself as the mom and in him as the super cool big boy. :) You are fantastic!!